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Indiana Dealer Offices                                                            


                                 ******Sign up now to receive $250 per month rent.******
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$250 Complete Setup Cost.    
                         (LOWEST COST IN THE INDUSTRY)

This includes all administrative fees and costs for the following:
-Dealer license 
-2 Dealer Plates 
-Federal I.D Number
-Indiana Merchant certificate
-Local zoning permit
-Optional (Registration of your company as an LLC is an additional $100.)

The only additional cost you will incur, will be your required dealer bond and liability insurance. 
 We will assist you in obtaining these with one of our qualified agents.

We are your #1 source to secure your Indiana Wholesale Dealer License with dealer plates!
You will gain access to "dealer only" auctions!

                            Good in all 50 States!   

We help both those with no experience, as well as the veteran dealer with the same expertise and integrity as we would demand ourselves.

We prepare all of the necessary paperwork to secure your Indiana wholesale dealer license. 

We provide you with an Indiana State approved facility, which includes all utilities, property taxes, and maintenance costs for an office that will be the legal physical address for your business.

We help you secure your state mandated liability insurance and surety bonding.                       

Complete setup for only $250.00. This is a one time start up fee and is among the lowest in the industry!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call.  We will help you through every step of this process. 

                      Please be sure to check out our FAQs at the top of the page!

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Bob    574-952-4105      Layton  574-225-2900 

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                                                         Indiana Dealer Offices, 18 South Main St  Knox, IN 46534          

                                                               Phone:574-952-4105  Fax:574-772-7700        
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